Proposals to solve problem

No.3 For after corona

After corona, we have to call foreigners, who consume much, back to Japan because it is necessary to defeat the recession of present tourism. So we came up with the solution which focuses on inbound tourists.
Inbound tourists have problems with the small number the of multingual indications, hardships of communicating with staffs of facilities. Also, as their characteristics, most of them use their smartphones.
So, spreading translation applications that cope with various languages will lead to capturing tourists from many countries and satisfying trips.

The improvement of the varsatility of translation applications

Translation applications enable us to serve foreign tourists. Tourists can also use them easily. We try to promote them and reconfirm their practicality.

We recommend these applications.



Available for face-to-face conversations

A smartphone allows us to communicate in our native tongues by pressing alternately while speaking.

ex)Recommended situations are as follows: Asking the way/Ordering in the stores

Communicate with persons in the far distance by calling

Calling through this applications can follow the translated words after computers by pressing a button.

ex)Recommended situations are as follows: Reserving the stores while traveling by phone call/Calling between foreign countries

Available for trandlation from images

This is the function that recognize and translates letters in images. It deals with long passages so that it is useful to bookus and newspapers.

Fixed sentenceswhich are useful to trips and businesses

It is equipped with more than 1,300 phrases. This enables people to use both of trips and businesses, and search keywords for fixed sentences.People can save them, especially frequently they use, as their favorites.

Available languages
Meeting:18 countries and areas
Call:3 countries (Japanese, English, and Chinese)
Image:13 countries and areas

How to the application (Setting:Reservation Top:a tourist/Below:a staff)



More then one translation engine

This supports Google, Bing, and Papago, so people can see many translations using only one application

Available for 107 languages

In addition to English, Chinese, and Korean, it translates diverse languages.

Various tools

The support of image translation, voice translation, and conversation translation leads to not only a tool for learning languages but also smooth communication while traveling abroad.



This was invented by the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology.(NICT)

Available for 31 languages

It contains 31 languages including Japanese, Chinese, and English.If you speak to it by pressing a button, it pronounces the translated words.

Available for languagr selsction

Users can select their languages. They can change them later.


Now, which application is the most useful?
We inspected how easy to use these 3 applications.
The ways of inspection are as follows:


※1 VoiceTra cannot do image translation so that we entered text.

※2 We received advice about the translation results from a classmate and our English teacher.

Verfication results of application
Application Advertisement Voice translation Image translation Call translation Language selection Available languages Adjustment of font size copy Reverse translation Satisfying function
Jspeak ○(only docomo users) 18
Honyakuo × × 107
VoiceTra × × × 31
Verifiction results of application
Application English-Japaneese(voice)corrections Japanese-English(iamge)corrections Japanese-Chinese(image)currections Japanese→English(voice)currections Japanese-Chinese(voice)currections
Jspeak 0 6 1 1 0
honyakuo 0 10 4 1 1
VoiceTra 1 7 2 1 1

Jspeak:Recommendation level ★★★★☆
This is so convenient because a lot of functions are equipped. It is the most currect of 3 applications.It will do well in many situations auch as reading guide boards. It is mainly used for Japanese, but foreigners can also use it because the buttons are signs or images.
However, users have to speak quickly and smoothly because the recording finishes instantly when they use voice translation.Also, voice translation is a great advantage of this application, but only docomo users can use this system. Inbound tourists use their careers, so it seems to be hard for them reserve stores or hotels.
It is recommended to set the system in rooms for contacting front.

Honyakuo:Recommendation level ★★★☆☆
The number of available languages is overwhelmingly large and users can serve tourisrs from all over the world. Also, when they use voice translation, they can divide the recording time by themselves.
There are no problems in terms of the property so that voice translation is good to communicate.

VoiceTra:Recommendation level ★★★☆☆
Advertisement does not exist, so we can use it smoothly.It is easy for foreigners to use because it is available for language selection.
However, there are some weak points. It cannot use image translation. Also, translate completely incorrect words and cannot get through to others.
This application is recommended to use in simple talking.