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No.2 Proposals for travel plan

We thought that they are important to focus on targets, increase repeat visitors, and take account of plan for a long time for making travel plan. This page will indicates travel plans based on our experience here. This time, although these plans were made as an example taking account of the Suwa region of Nagano Prefecture, which we visited, they are thought to be able to be apply to various areas.
Besides, taking account of plan for a long time, we thought the proposal which introduces the fascination of the region from various perspectives and people come to the region repeatedly. For example, visitors take part in Experience traditions course and Learn course for the first time, Visit the real-life locations course and Gourmet course on the second time, and Experience nature and farming course and Sports course on the third time.
Incidentally, all pictures on this page were taken by us.

First, let's check the right course for you to use the Chart To Know the Recommend Course Obviously.

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Experience traditions course

Making Shinsyu Miso

People can experience making miso by the traditional natural brewing formula.

We made miso in shape of Anpanman, a hero made of bread, a heart, and so on and kept them. Then, we fermented them. Matured miso had a lot of body and rich in flavor. Above all, we are attached each miso.

making miso

In addition ...

It is a nice experience course made use of Suwa's tradition such as soba making, a handmade music box at the memorial hall, and so on. In addition, if people go to Suwa at the season of the Onbashira Festival, they can know its power and tradition which has been held since the Heian era.

Visit the real-life locations course


Katakura-kan is the place which we used as bathing place. It is one of the nationally designed important cultural properties and the location site of "Thermae Romae Ⅱ", a movie and "Yuru Cam △", a manga. People can feel as if they were characters in these stories because of an air of romance exterior and large and clean interior.

The bathroom called 1000 people hot spriing is a large marble bathtub which 100 people can take a buth at the same time. There are stained glass and several sculptures a grave atmosphere, so people can enjoy it very much.

Katakura-kan Katakura-kan Katakura-kan

In addition ...

There is Lake Suwa, which was modeled on Lake Itomori in "Your name.", a movie, so it is a must-see spot to visit Suwa.

Learn course

Silk yarn museum

People can learn the silk-reeing industry which prospered in Suwa once touching machines and meet silkworms which will be cocoons and beautiful silk yarn in the future to be loved. People can also watch that thread are spined one by one. We were able to learn the history of this museum through various displays.

silk yarn museum silk yarn museum
silk yarn museum

In addition ...

This course has a lot of programs to be able to deeped culture such as a studying Lake Suwa tour and visiting Suwa Shirine to know the history of Onbashira Festival and Suwa.

Sports course

Lake Suwa

Lake Suwa is the place we visited while walking. It has clear air and makes people feel refreshed. Why don't you play marine sports on this best locations? To take part in the "Marine Sports Carnival" organized by Suwa city which people can take part in a power-boat race and jet sports or run around Lake Suwa・・・. People may be healthy in body and spirit.

Lake Suwa Lake Suwa

In addition ...

We recommend to experience the fascinations of Lake Suwa near to go up along a stream or take part in a kayak tour.

Gourmet course

Make a study tour of an ager factory

People can learn a lot of questions such as what is ager made from, how to make ager, and so on through panel displays and making a study tour of a factory at an ager factory and an ager gallery. We tried ager. Ager has a good texture and is low in calories, so it is delicious food.

There is a direct sales store which sells confectionery made use of ager and food chosen on Shinsyu and health. We recommend them as souveniors.

Why did making ager made from seaweed prosper in Nagano Prefecture, which is an inland...?

The Suwa region has large differences temperatures. In addition, it is blessed with beautiful water and air and has little precipitation and dry climate because of it is located at the foot of Mt. Yatsugatake. Therefore, this environment is suitable for making ager. Long ago, it had been done as a second job during the off-season on the farm in winter.

an ager factory an ager factory

In addition ...

There are a lot of gourmets made use of local ingrediants such as eel food and delicious miso in this course. People also eat a lot of food such as bread and a crowuette at the Mitamachi shopping arcade.

Experience nature and farming course

Make a study tour of an apiary

People watch honey extracted with a centrifuge from a bees' nest and eat several kinds of honey put into bottles. We also ate honey to find they were different sweatness and flavor. We recommende them as souvenirs.

an apiary an apiary

In addition ...

Doing hinking in Mt. Yatsugatake makes people feel good and people can see a lot of plants there and feel nature. There are picking strawberries at the strawberry field and a cooking class people can cook vegetables picked from a vegetable garden by themselves in this course. Why don't you look for seasonal food during each travel season?

They are feeling which our school students visited the Suwa region we indicated here.
Please know what this city is like taking them into account.

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