Proposals to solve problems

Now we introduce that the things this research has considered to solve the problems.

Here are three points in the our suggestions; the application of the "Furusato no-zei", fascinating travel plans, and the way of enabling foreign tourists to visit Japan more comfortabley.

No.1 The application of the "Furusato no-zei"

It can support tourism through the "Furusato no-zei" as the solusions to the problem of decreasing profits at tourist sites.

What is the "Furusato no-zei"?

The "Furusato no-zei" is the system that the person who wants to support some district in Japan can give economic aid there and receives the return gift from the district later.
The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication says that it may give subscribers chances to think about how the taxes are used by choosing places to donate themselves.
In addition to it, they may come to donate to not only their hometown but also districts they are intrested in.
It is also said that the purpose of starting the program was correcting the gap of tax revenue between city areas and rural areas.

The system of supporting tourism

The form of the "Furusato no-zei" whose use is limited to tourism has already existed but now, some websites do projects to support industries that have particularly suffered from the COVID-19.

"Furusato choice"
…It is possible to give economic aids to sightseeing facilities as one of the support projects for victims of the COVID-19. This website shows the current situations classifying into various parts of Japan. Subscribers can support the industry concerned with the service of food which is closely connected with tourism.
The website of "Furusato choice" is here.

…This website provides subscribers with retun experience gifts carrying out in the districts after they donate money, which leads up to supporting tourism just now.
The website of "Satofuru" is here.

"Rakuten Furusato no-zei"
…As a way of supporting tourism, this website expands the project cooperating with other industries. There are a lot of districts we can choose to donate to.
The website of "Rakuten Furusato no-zei" is here.

Figure of model

Figure of model

①Anyone who would like to support the local government do donations through the "Furusato no-zei".

②Later, they visits the district.

③The local government receives the donation and spends it on the recovery of tourism. If the subscriber visits there actually, the local government gives them a service.

created by ourselves

Various kinds of merits this paper expect

By doing such support for tourism, a lot of merits will be made to not only districts but also subscribers.

First、it is expected to solve the recession in tourism.
The interview with the "Lake Suwa Hot Spring Ryokan Cooperative" showed that tourism needs to be invested in public funds, the "Furusato no-zei" will be an ideal solution becasue it enales consumers to support tourism directly as part of the financial support of the government.

Secondly, to give support to districts' tourism will be opportunities for subscribers to go back to basic sprit of the "Furusato no-zei"; to support where they like purely, not to aim at excessive return gifts.Districts also will get chances to obtain subscribers who don't aim at them.

Finally, if the direction of the "Furusato no-zei" change into what is attached importance to continuty of region through the attempt, it is expected that the "Furusato no-zei" will play a big role in the development of districts' tourism.