Investigation contents

Plan to solve problems

Problems found through the investigation

Many investigations revealed how large an influence COVID-19 had on ourism. Esoecially, these are the important points:

Rapid decerease in domestic and overseas tourists
Decrease in revenue of sightseeing sites
Travel agencies' economic loss

Active advertisement to attract consumers is a key to recovery!!

As started previously, today's tourism is being damaged. On the other hand, consumers' potential eagerness to travel is increasing, and at the same time, they spend more time watching video sites, TV, and the Internet.

It is believed that the image of Japan that the country is clean will work well to attract foreign tourists, thus there is no way to make use of it.

According to the quesitonnaire of "Inbound tourists' consumption trend (2020/1~2020/3)" from the Japan Tourism Agency:
The useful source of knowledge about travel before departure (multiple answers allowed):SNS・・・29.1%
The useful source of knowledge about travel while staying in Japan (multiple answers allowed):Smartphones・・・84.8%
These contents are the most popular of all. Also, this result explains that SNS is one of the best sources of information and tools.

Then, as the languages of the source of knowledge before departure (multiple answers allowed):
English:49.6%/Chinese(Traditional Chinese):32.3%/Chinese(Simplified Chinese):26.1%/Japanese:11.6%/Korean:8.9%
According to the investigation of the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) (2019), in inbound tourists, 84.1% are from Asia.
China:30.1%/Korea/17.5%、Taiwan:15.3%/Hong Kong:7.2%
In addition to it, tourists from areas which are skilled at English such as Europe and North America are 13.1% of all.

Quoted from "Inbound Foreigners Visiting Japan" by JTB Research Institute

Referring to these two things, it is indispensable for travelers to got travel information in English, Chinese, and Korean.

According to them:

  • Utilizing media which have diffusing power such as SNS, and attract tourists from not only abroad but also domestic.
  • Making an appeal about cleaness of Japan to abroad/Making the environment for foreign tourists to visit with ease in corresponding actively in Japanese

These things will be clues to solving problems.