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Outlook of after the Pandemic

What we can see from "attitude study about traveling and tourism after COVID-19 is over"

The Kumamoto tourism assosiation did a research "attitude study about traveling and tourism after COVID-19 is over" from April 27 2020 to April 29, for 3,247 Japanese general customers and it said the following things.

"Consumers' desires to traveling are growing through refraining from going out"

"Over 70% of respondents show desires to traveling"

"Over harl of the respondents are positive about watching information on traveling"

"It is more likely that people will prefer the places blessed with nature rather than an amusument parks or cities which are believed to be crowded as destination"

"A lot of respondents have come to watch "video sharing website" on the Interner"

There are many respondents who have come to spend time watching TV longer"

These findings suggest that tourism after COVID-19 pandemic will get better by many consumers who have an eagerness to travel and the information about sightseeing will be more important so publicity using such as SNS will play a bigger role to attract tourists.

Advantages of tourism seeing from the "Go To Travel Campaign"

From July 22 2020, the Japanese government started the "Go To Travel Campaign", which aimes to spread a new normal style of traveling. (It has been suspended from December 28 to January 11.)

Japan Tourism Agency announced that at least 39.76 million people have used this campaign. This figure reaches about half of the scale of the average amount of domestic visitors before COVID-19, and this result backs up the fact that consumers have had a desire to travel.

Quoted from "Lodging and Travel Statistics Survey, Second Preliminary Report, October 2020," Japan Tourism Agency

According to the survey "Kanko Keizai Shimbun" did to 6 major travel agencies, all agencies feel some effects of the campaign.

Go To トラベルキャンペーン実施の効果
Quoted from Kanko Keizai Shimbun

This paper has seen that consumers have been interested in traveling in really and tourism is the industry which is filled with buoyancy from these findings.

Forecast of recovery of inbound tourism

Development Bank of Japan (DBJ) and Japan Travel Bureau Foundation (JTBF) did a research "intention survey to inbound tourists to Japan." The research indicates the following things.

"Japan is still popular as a destination for their overseas trip. 56% of respondents in Asia say that they want to visit Japan the most. 24% of respondents in Europe, the US, and Australia also want it."

Therefore, the demands of inbound tourists after the end of COVID-19 is thought to be high.

Created from DBJ/JTBF, "DBJ/JTBF Survey on the Intentions of Foreign Tourists to Japan from Asia, Europe, the United States and Australia (Special Survey on the Impact of the New Coronavirus in FY2020)"

The reason why they want to visit Japan is as shown below.

      "There are tourists sites they want to go to in Japan (47%)"
      "Meals that are severed in Japan are good (43%)"
      "They have been pleased with Japan (37%)"
      "They feel that the country is clean and sanitary (36%)"

And so on.

It will be important to enhance the charms of not only tourist sites but also meals and shopping.

It will also matter to keep a sanitary impression of Japan in order to recover inbound tourism.