We will indicate the purpose and the research methods.


The Japanese gorvanment started the Visit Japan Campaign in 2004 and it has attracted many inbound tourists. Therefore, the number of the tourists in 2017 increased more than three times as much as in 2010 from about 8.6 million to 28 million and it reached a peak of 31.88 million in 2019. The amount of their consumption reached 4 trillion 813.5 billion, which is 6.5% larger than the previous year, so the economic effect of tourism has been essential to Japan's economic growth.

the Visit Japan Campaign・・・It is a policy that people describe demand for inbound in Japan and the fascination of tourism to Japan for the local people and the travel agencies in 14 markets in Asia, The West, Europe, and America under the Japan National Tourism Organization(JNTO).

the number of the inobund tourists
Created from "Number of Foreign Visitors to Japan and Japanese Departures by Year (1964-2019)," Japan National Tourism Organization

According to the government's goal, Japan was going to accept 40 million visitors in 2020, but the tourism industry was badly hit by the spread of COVID-19 around the world. The World Tourism Organization of the United Nations(UNWTO), says
"it takes us two years and a half to four years to go back to the level in 2019."

What can we do to keep tourism under the circumstances that people will possibly be forced to refrain from going out.

So we want to propose the future state of tourism which meets the needs which match the time and today's social situation changing rapidly.

Why don't you think about tourism with corona together seeing this website?


The research methods

We interviewed Ms. Sanae Hara, who belongs to Hankyu Travel International Company and Mr. Akira Horimoto, who is the chairman of the Lake Suwa Hot Spring Ryokan Cooperative. They helped us when we visited the Suwa region of Nagano Prefecture in May 2019 for our school trip. We researched using data after we listened to the real voice of people who are engaged in tourism and groped for solutions to solve problems.